Drivers of Modern Conflict

In the contemporary world, while incidence of mega wars has diminished the incidence of conflict has increased manifold. The conflict has got disaggregated with numerous hot spots spread over entire length and breadth of the globe. These conflicts involve violence of varying intensity. Erstwhile wars were fought for land, riches and resources. However, modern conflicts are being driven by new factors. Firstly, techonlogical advancements have introduced internet and free flow of knowledge/ information. The knowledge is equally available to forces of order as well as those of disorder. Forces of disorder use this knowledge to perpetuate violence and conflict. Secondly, globalisation has facilitated free flow of people, money and resources which has inturn facilitated conflicts. Thirdly, social media is making human kind restless, impatient and confused. Conflicting information and disinformation is creating agitated minds which are prone to extremist tendencies. This too is contributing in propelling intra-society conflicts. Fourthly, better informed people coupled with assymetry in resources/ technology has incentivised havenots to challenge the haves. Besides this, assymetry in technology has on one hand obviated mega wars but has increased propensity for conflicts full of violence. Finally, multipolatity at micro to macro levels has imbalanced the power structure. There are less mighty but so many mightier. Every body is there to challenge every one else. With instinctive human propensity for rivalry and violence, the conflicts are going to prevail in the foreseeable future.

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