Gawadar A Jewel

Every time I ponder, I realise how blessed is Pakistan. In 2006, Robert D Kaplan projected Indian Ocean to be Centre Stage of Rivlary in 21 Century. He didn’t then project importance of Gawadar. China, a waxing power is victim of Revenge of Geography. In present state of circuitous SLOCs China cannot become a super power. CPEC route is thus so critical for China. To contest US strategy of Pivot to Asia, China unleashed her own BRI. In this geo-strategic setting , Gawadar has become a linchpin. Gawadar is sina-qua-non for CPEC. CPEC is sina-qua-non for BRI and BRI is in turn sin-aqua-non for rise of China. Thus Gawadar is going to be the rock-foundation of complete structure. Cargo handling potential of Gawadar is also higher than any other port of the world. Hammer head shape of Gawadar is too a rare phenomenon. Allah may bless us capabilities and vision to reap benefits of His blessings.

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