Clamor for Change

Pakistan is clamoring for a change. Notwithstanding, daunting challenges, successes in War On Terror and certain other factors have made the nation more confident, better galvanized, better self assured and resilient. Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies have succeeded in creating conducive environment for other prongs to take off. At the same time, Social media in the recent past has awakened our collective conscience. Opportunities of CPEC are also knocking at our doors. However, political instability is denying the rich dividends of such a favorable situation. Since last one year the battle is raging between right and wrong. Prolonged poor governance, mismanagement and domination of vested interests, have wrecked havoc with our national morality. It is said that societies are driven by either “shame”or “guilt”. These elements were amply found in our society a score of years ago, however, in the recent past these have become alien to us. Wrong doers flagrantly attempt to prove that no wrong has been done. In all domains, Pakistan is improving fast less the domain of leadership. Election 2018 will be a defining moment for Pakistan. Pakistan’s electoral system has been crafted by the elite for the elite. Prolonged governance in provinces by single parties has rendered these entities hostages to them. Punjab is given to PML(N), Sindh is with PPP, Balochistan belongs to Sardars, it is only in KPK that there is a semblance of true franchise. Overall distribution of NA seats is such that the one who controls 5 divisions of Punjab forms the central government. General masses are still not in a position to display total independence in selection of their leaders. In such a scenario, free, impartial and fair elections displaying true representation of people of Pakistan is merely a dreamscape. It’s a far cry to expect or bring out sound results from the exercise of electoral process. The solution lies merely is realization, rising to the occasion and larger than life role by political leadership. In the prevalent clamor for change, in case political leadership fails to live up to demands of masses, they shall be the losers. Pakistan cannot live for any long in the present state. Nation is yearning for change and the change will find its way in spite of resistance it is getting. Long live Pakistan.

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