Strategic Blessing or Curse

Pakistan is blessed with such a splendid strategic location that repeatedly she has enjoyed greater status than her potential. Twice she played role of front line state for the US. The third time role of front line state may be for China. Firstly Pakistan won cold war for the US and secondly Pakistan played key role for US in GWOT. Though not well recognised by the US. The cumulative influence of these two roles has been positives as well as negatives. Biggest plus is that Pakistan ensured her integrity through acquisition of nuclear technology. In the negative domain Pakistan lost wealth, blood and national character. In case of human being it is said, “if health is lost nothing is lost, if wealth is lost something is lost, if character is lost everything is lost”. Similarly in case of our society all losses can be made good but loss of national character is more daunting and hard to recover. Materialism, corruption, deciet, fraud and prevalence of wrong over right have become hallmark of our society in last 30 years. We were far better 30 years ago. While Pakistan gained in stature, she failed to attain her true potential. TV Paul a US author calls it as “Strategic Curse”, implying that availability of easy money betrays motivation for hard work. Indeed Pakistan is preordained for a bright future, however, the society has to shun malpractices. Like any civilised society justice, fairplay, meritocracy, truthfulness and honesty will have to be hallmark of our society.

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