Impact of Social Media on Human Behaviour

Impact of Social Media on Human Behaviour
Humankind has never been better connected than now. Advent of TV split larger family (Khandaan) into a family. Smart phones have now split family into individuals. Smart phones have snatched human being’s time from books, TV, social interactions and other activities. Social media is having telling impact on how we behave and react. A foolish behaviour used to be depicted like, “he was so fool that he didn’t check his ear and started running behind the dog”. Social media has taken us all to that stage. We have become impatient. In pursuit of taking lead in sharing posts we don’t have time and even will to analyse or authenticate the posts. Agents of disorder, chaos and confusion are using us as tools to spread their malicious narratives. We are inadvertently playing in their hands. Besides this most of the times simple incidents become complex due to mind boggling conspiracy theories. On occurrence of an incident geniuses come out of shell and start throwing bizarre twists into the story. No one has time to validate and confirm and all this adds fuel to fire. Confusion and despondency multiplies and who wins? Our enemies. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME…
Samrez 30 Jan 18

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