Council of Elders

Pakistan has lived through its 73 years of chequered history. It passed through golden as well as tumultuous eras. The reader will feel constrained to stretch memory for golden eras. Most of the time it was seen at the crossroads of its history. Each crossroad unfortunately led to the next cross road. Though, there are many achievements for which Pakistan can be proud of itself.

With that in view, we are what we are. Couple of our plightful dimensions have been of our making while many were thrust upon us. In a pursuit to find causes of our decay, one can argue for many. However, a couple of glaring causes may be; firstly early departure of founding fathers which precluded strong foundations for the nascent state. Secondly, prevalence of prolonged conflict in the state and in neighbouring states. Thirdly lack of visionary leadership.

All these causes and many more left indelible marks on the canvas of Pakistan. Mainly, these are; people of Pakistan kept searching for nationhood, Pakistan lost its national character, it lost its intelligentsia and brain because men of means left the country for want of survival and social fabric of the society was torn apart.

All and any kind of systems in Pakistan warrant a rebuild. Political system, education system, economic system etc need a total revamp. Pakistan seems to be a flotilla of rudderless boats. There seems a sheer absence of steering mechanisms. Thus all three grooming places of future generations ie home, school and mosque are dysfunctional.

Particularly melting away of intelligentsia has left every segment on materialistic pursuits. Like TV drama which plays a major role in forming opinions, collective attitudes and responses are only concerned with viewership and making money.

With a view to filling the gap of intelligentsia, more than any time in the past; there is now a need of Council of Elders. An apolitical organisation comprising sages of the society who work to give direction to our society. While security, geo-strategy and hardcore functions of state may be handled by established organs of the state, this body should look at mundane issues afflicting body politic of the society. They may serve to steer the people of Pakistan with a direction. It should comprise mature and elderly people from all segments of society like, enlightened religious scholars, career diplomats, educationists, academicians, retired soldiers etc.

Condemnable incident of Sialkot which is one of series of such incidents has amply highlighted that Pakistan cannot be managed with day-to-day running. Society is directionless and it needs specials measures.

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